Soak up the benefits of cannabis with Canna Bath Co. 

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Canna Bath Co.

Soak up the benefits of CBD with Canna Bath Co.

Canna Bath Co.

All Natural Sulfate Free Products Formulated for Sensitive Skin

What our Soakers are saying...

I absolutely love my lavender sleep bomb and can't wait to try the other blends.  I am 52 yrs old and have chronic back pain.  I decided to give the bath a try to help with my lower back an i loved it! I was so relaxed I did not want to get out.  I had no pain that night and slept like a baby. 

Mary, Canna Bath Co. Soaker

I never took a lot of baths before I learned about Canna Bath Co.  Now I take 2 to 3 baths a week!! A Canna Bath Co CBD bomb is so much more effective for muscle relaxation than normal epsom salt and perfume-laden bath products, and the experience is much more enjoyable. When I take a Canna Bath at night it is very soothing for my skin and I always get a deeper and more restful sleep.  I am so happy I have discovered Canna Bath Co. 

Cathy, Canna Bath Co. Soaker

I got to take my very first medicated bath tonight with  Canna Bath Co. and words cannot describe how completely and unbelievably relaxed my body has been, its been over 3 ​years since I've felt even close to having my muscles this loosened up! I was finally able to use my foam roller after the bath to get a ton of knots out in my legs back and neck.  Definitely adding this into my regimen, thank you Canna Bath Co for giving patients another way to medicate!

Amy, Canna Bath Co. Soaker