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Bathing or Showering – Which is Better?

Most people have a preference between bathing and showering and some folks, like Julia Roberts, have no preference. Is one better than the other?

Showering is most certainly quicker and more convenient, but recent research suggests that what you gain in convenience by showering, you may sacrifice a few overall health benefits. Studies have shown that people who take baths as opposed to showers tend to report improved health, better sleep, and lower levels of stress.

Below are a few reasons researchers believe that to be the case.

Immersion in Warm Water Helps Improve Circulation

When you’re immersed in warm water, hyperthermic action warms the blood vessels closest to the surface of your skin, thereby increasing your circulation and increasing the temperature deeper in your body.

Heat also helps relax muscles, tendons, and ligaments that may be tight from the day’s activities.

Does Bathing Have Anti-Aging Properties?

There’s no doubt that stress can age you. Stress is caused by cortisol (a.k.a the stress hormone). When you’re chronically stressed, it means your body is secreting too much cortisol, and that can have a serious effect on your skin. Immersing yourself in warm water has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and help you de-stress. Water itself may not have anti-aging properties, but reducing your cortisol levels certainly helps with stress-related aging.

Are Baths Better for Your Skin?

Showering can actually dry your skin out. When showering, the heat and steam can make you sweat and lose water. When you immerse yourself in a warm bath, it allows your skin to soak up moisture instead of sweating it out. Of course, how well you’re able to retain that moisture will depend on your skincare routine.

Canna Bath Co.

Canna Bath Co. believes in a holistic healing approach and in the improvements to your overall health and wellness that bathing can provide. Among other natural ingredients our products feature CBD, which is believed to help relieve muscle soreness, provide pain relief, and reduce inflammation – the cause of many of the body’s maladies.

There’s no doubt that bathing can provide a host of positive health benefits when you do it regularly. When you bathe, make sure to include Canna Bath Co. products in your regime.