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Can't Decide Between a Bath Bomb or Bath Salts? Use Both!

As you get ready for your nighttime ritual, you’ll probably catch yourself debating between a bath bomb or a bath salt. And when it comes to CBD bath products, you might even think that you can only use one or the other. If you ask us, there’s no better way to experience the benefits of a CBD bath than to combine forces of a bath bomb and bath salts! Here’s everything you need to know about the two different bath products and how to pair them for the most relaxing bath experience.

What’s The Difference?


First off, you’ll notice a difference right when you drop both products into the water. You’ll see a slower release for our CBD bath bombs, which ends up creating a smooth and milky consistency in the water. It might even have a foaming effect, which you’ll see as soon as the bomb is tossed into the water! The foamy nature of bath bombs is incredibly relaxing, therapeutic, and fun; just a few reasons why bath-lovers obsess over them!

On the other hand, you won’t see your bath water change as much with bath salts. Instead, you’ll feel the difference on your skin as soon as you soak in the water. Epsom salts are full of minerals, which make them great for easing aches and pains. If you have skin irritation, bath salts might even help as a topical treatment, thanks to their soothing properties!

How to Pair Bath Salts and Bath Bombs

However, since our bath bombs and salts contain CBD content, you’ll experience healing benefits with whichever product you choose. If you feel like having the most relaxing bath of all time, don’t be afraid to pair them together. Don’t worry; we’ll show you how!

First, choose the right bath bomb for the night. We make it easy to figure out what bath bomb is right for you by naming them based on the specific need. For example, if you need something to help you sleep better, choose the Sleep Bomb, infused with CBD and lavender. Sore muscles? Grab the Muscle Bomb, toss it in, and you’re set! 

Next, consider what you need from your bath salts. Do you need intense muscle relief? Something that’ll soothe your body after a high-stress day? Whatever it is you need, we have three options for you; Relax, Muscle Relief, and Breathe Bath Salts. Don’t worry about any of the bath bombs and salts’ ingredients conflicting with each other. All of our products are designed to be paired together for the utmost relaxation and most incredible bath experience ever!