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Canna Bath Tips For The Most Relaxing Massage

If you used to love going in for your monthly massages prior to the pandemic, it might be a good time to start learning how to do them at home! Now that we're all spending the majority of our time inside our homes, it never hurts to be able to hold on to the few luxuries that bring you relaxation and happiness. Especially when regular massages can improve your mood, pain management, and your overall wellness!

Massages always feel more relaxing when someone else is catering to you. However, if you don't have a partner to practice with, you can still give yourself massages for sore muscles, to improve blood circulation, and most importantly, to calm your nervous system. Here are our best tips for the most relaxing at-home massage!

Use a CBD Body Oil  

When you give your partner or yourself a massage, most people grab some sort of lotion beforehand. A lotion might work well in the beginning, but it sinks into the skin too quickly, making you use up half the container by the time you're done. Instead, grab a body oil! We recommend using our Coconut CBD Body Oil so that your hands can easily glide across the skin, giving a deeper massage. 

Thanks to the added CBD, this body oil is perfect for soothing aches and pain anywhere on the body. Infused with coconut and jojoba oil, it'll help you hydrate and replenish the skin while tending to aching muscles at the same time. 

Use The Muscle Rub For Targeted Areas

For areas that typically cause us the most pain, such as the temples or back of the neck, use our CBD Muscle Rub for targeted relief. Leaving out all the unnecessary fillers and harsh ingredients, the Muscle Rub contains 200mg of hemp-based CBD and a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus for a cooling sensation. It's the perfect addition to a therapeutic massage, or you can use it on yourself whenever you're feeling a painful headache coming along!

Start With Aromatherapy

Incorporating a little aromatherapy before getting started on the massage can help relax the body and open the airways for a stronger mind and body connection. Since the Muscle Rub contains high amounts of essential oils, take a few deep breaths before getting started on the massage, and we guarantee that you or your partner will notice the difference that aromatherapy can create!