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Having Quarantine Insomnia and Tried Everything??

Having problems sleeping while in quarantine and feel like you’ve tried every tip and trick out there to fall asleep and stay asleep? Us too! Lack of sleep and messed up schedules are affecting so many people right now. A good nights sleep is something we all love, need, or covet — and right now it may seem impossible. Something that we have found helpful is to have a routine set in place that will help promote a better nights sleep, incorporating some of our relaxing products.


We suggest using one of our bath bombs as a first step to a night of relaxation


We have two bath bombs that will help aid in relaxation as well as helping you have a good night of sleep. Our Sleep Bomb is a Lavender and CBD infused bath bomb containing 60mg CBD. This bath bomb is specifically formulated to help promote better sleep naturally with our aroma therapy blend and hemp based CBD. Not only does it smell fantastic, it’ll make a heavenly bath you’ll never want to get out of. More importantly, it’ll help you get nice and relaxed for an amazing night of sleep.


Our Calm Bomb is bergamot patchouli and CBD infused calm bomb is the perfect bath bomb to help ease the effects of daily stress and anxiety. If you’re having trouble relaxing at the end of the day, this bomb is perfect for you.


Toss whichever bomb you think will help you relax the best in a warm bath and allow yourself to sit back and relax. No matter which bomb you pick, they will help ease any tension, anxiety, or stress you have built up in you.


Our Relax Bath Salts are another amazing option for a relaxing night you deserve


They are an all natural CBD infused Epsom salt soak designed for relaxation. It’s warm blend of lavender and vanilla will calm your senses and relax your body and mind before bed and will help you get some well deserved rest, in a natural way. This is the ideal bath option for someone who struggles with insomnia and muscle aches.


After your bath, use our CBD Muscle Rub or CBD Body Lotion to nourish and hydrate your skin


Both of these products are amazingly hydrating and will help your skin glow. The muscle rub will aid in cooling and soothing your sore muscles after a workout or help ease chronic aches and pains you may be dealing with, in a natural way. The rub contains 200mg of hemp based CBD per bottle with a perfect mix of essential peppermint and eucalyptus oils that produces a refreshingly cooling effect with the skin


The body lotion is great for pain management, inflammation and specially formulated for dry skin, giving you nice and hydrated skin for bed time, thanks to the organic aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut oil ingredients. It is made from the finest natural extracts and contains 200mg CBD per bottle and has an irresistible vanilla bean scent.