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How to Heal Body Aches the Canna Bath Way

Suffering from inflammation, tension, or body aches? We know that feeling. In moments of despair, it can be tempting to grab any form of pain relief, no matter the side effects. While we don’t encourage this, we understand the desperate search for a miracle product to fix an aching body. But what if we told you that there is a way to ease body pain, and it’s naturally derived from a plant?

The miracle you’ve been looking for is actually CBD. And no, we don’t mean to get high off marijuana. Unless of course, you want to! Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a chemical compound that’s not psychoactive, therefore you won’t experience a high. Rather, you’ll experience the most incredible relaxation of your life. Here are just a few ways to reap the healing benefits of holistic pain relief. 

Use a Topical CBD

Treat your body kindly; drench your skin in a CBD lotion or muscle rub. Topical CBD can come in many different forms, so it’s all about preference.

Applying our CBD Muscle Rub is a natural remedy to relieve aches and pains for any athlete or fitness-enthusiast suffering from sore muscles. Packed with 200 mg of hemp-based CBD, you’ll feel a slight cooling sensation on the skin.

If you’re experiencing chronic inflammation, we’re pleased to say that CBD is actually the strongest of all anti-inflammatory options out there! So yes, holistic pain relief is not just an alternative option, but it’s even proven to be more effective! We recommend using our CBD Body Lotion to combat redness, swelling, and pain, all of which are signs of inflammation.

Try a CBD Pain Patch

Allow us to introduce you to a slower form of relief, our Pain Patch, that releases CBD throughout the body for up to eight hours. When we say it’s a slower form of pain relief, we don’t mean that it takes eight hours to start working. You’ll just be able to continue feeling the benefits even eight hours later! 

Unlike other forms of topical CBD, you only need to use one patch, stick it to your skin, and it’ll disperse throughout your entire body. Just like that, you’ll feel completely relaxed without putting in any effort. 

Take a CBD-Infused Bath

For the most discrete kind of pain relief, run yourself a hot bath with a CBD Muscle Bomb. Taking a bath is already proven to be an effective form of relaxation, but where does CBD come into the picture? Regular bath bombs do a fantastic job of moisturizing the skin and making the experience that much more enjoyable. But when you have body aches, all you really want is something to relieve you from that pain.

A CBD-infused bath won’t look any different, but you’ll feel the inflammation and tension being released from your body. When 60 mg of CBD is infused into your bath, your muscles really have no other choice than to release stress! If you need more intensity, add Muscle Relief Bath Salts for an all-natural salt soak.