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Is the Cold Weather Making Your Skin Extra Dry? Our CBD Body Oil Can Help


As much as we all love the festive winter months, nobody really enjoys what it puts our skin through. It always seems like cold and dry weather sucks all of the moisture out of our skin, leaving us feeling itchy and irritated. And in some ways, the cold air does actually suck up our skin’s moisture! Our skin can lose up to 25% of its moisture in the winter since the dry air evaporates the water on our skin much quicker. 

Your best defense line against dry, flaky skin in the winter is to use a deeply hydrating and calming body oil. Our Coconut CBD Body Oil is a two-in-one product to lock in moisture and soothe skin irritation, thanks to the added CBD content. Don't let your skin suffer through another uncomfortable season; here’s how our CBD body oil can help!

Naturally-Derived Ingredients Soothe Skin Irritation

When your skin is already irritated from the drastic weather change, the last thing you should do is put a chemical-based lotion onto your skin. Harsh ingredients can lead to rashes, redness, itchy skin, or even dry you out even more. The Coconut CBD Body Oil is made from simple, clean ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and hemp-based CBD. When we say simple, we mean it!

Deep Hydration

If you're wondering how a body oil differs from a body lotion, well, you're not the only one! Body oil sinks into your skin, and if the product contains natural oils, it can mimic the natural lipids in your skin. Because of that process, your skin can benefit from a deeper level of hydration with a body oil since it can regulate and repair your skin's moisture barrier, which is responsible for oil production.

CBD For Inflammation and Muscle Relief

Our body oil isn't just any body oil; it actually doubles as a CBD topical product to ease skin inflammation and muscle relief! When your skin looks and feels red, hot, or irritated, it's most likely a sign that you're struggling with inflammation. CBD has shown to have incredible benefits of easing inflammation and reducing muscle tension in the body!

We should be treating our skin with hydrating oils all year round, but when the fall and winter months hit, it becomes even more crucial to avoid dry, flaky skin. With a daily dose of Coconut CBD Body Oil, you and your skin will be thanking us later!