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How Does the CBD Patch Work?

Whether your CBD preference is in the form of a gummy, a bath bomb, body oil, or even a patch, there’s a method that’s suitable for just about anyone. The great thing about CBD is that while offering a wide range of wellness benefits, the ways to experience CBD are just about endless!

At Canna Bath, we’d usually choose a relaxing CBD bath over any other method of use, but what if we need a dose of CBD while we're not near a bath tub? That’s why we offer a CBD Infused Topical Patch!   Perfect for the times when you need long lasting pain relief, on-the-go.

What Does a CBD Patch Do?


Before getting any deeper into the benefits of a CBD patch, let’s go over the basics. Unlike other traditional methods, the patch is considered to be an advanced form of CBD technology. While offering the same benefits as an oil would, the patch is more discrete, and more importantly, it’s convenient.  

Our patches are custom-made using industrial hemp that provides a slow release of CBD throughout the entire body. Instead of having to take a few doses throughout the day, the patch releases CBD into the body for up to eight hours!

As always, CBD is a nonintoxicating compound. Therefore you won’t experience any kind of high from using the patch!

The Difference Between The Patch & Other CBD Products

The main difference between the patch and other forms of CBD is how easily it can fit into your lifestyle. The patch is known as one of the easiest methods of use because it can stick to any area of the body and be hidden underneath clothes.

If you’ve ever given gummies, pills or oil drops a shot, then you’d know that sometimes it can take up to two hours to feel the effect, and the taste isn’t always great. If it is, then there’s likely a high sugar content! Methods like these aren’t as quick to kick in because it takes a longer time for the CBD to get into your bloodstream.

The patch avoids the digestive tract altogether and infuses CBD straight into the bloodstream. Most people prefer to stick a patch to areas of the body with the most veins, such as the arms and the wrists. 

Since there are multiple ways to take CBD, it’s all about finding what’s practical for your lifestyle. When you aren’t at home to hop in the bath, keep a few CBD patches in your bag to stick one on when you need it. Just like that, you can go on with your day and let CBD work its magic. It’s that simple!