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The Benefits of Using CBD Topical Products

If you struggle with body aches, inflammation, or skin issues like eczema, topical CBD products might give you the relief that you need. We hate to play favorites, but at Canna Bath, we prefer using topical CBD over any other consumption method! Why? Well, topical products address pain and inflammation in specific areas of the body, which not only makes it incredibly convenient to use on the go, but it’s also much easier to dose! 

Which Products are Considered CBD Topicals?

Just about any CBD product labeled as a body oil, lotion, balm, salve, or cream is considered a topical. While these are more traditional methods, CBD bath balms and bath salts are also considered topical products since once they dissolve in the bathtub, your skin absorbs the CBD content. 

The only difference between CBD bath products and CBD lotions or creams is that they aren’t used for localized pain relief; they’re a full-body experience! 

Canna Bath Topicals To Use Based on Needs


When skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis start to flare up, the two best things you can do for pain relief are to soak in the tub with one of our CBD Bath Bombs and apply the CBD Body Lotion immediately after drying off. The National Eczema Association recognizes CBD topicals as a safe and effective method for those living with skin conditions and recommends soaking in warm water to ease the discomfort!

Muscle-Soreness and Body Aches

After an intense gym session, avoid the dreadful muscle soreness by applying the CBD Muscle Rub all over the areas you’ve just worked out. Each bottle contains 200mg of hemp-based CBD to alleviate pressure, body aches, and soreness throughout the body. We also add a therapeutic blend of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils for a soothing aroma and refreshing cooling sensation.


We recommend using our CBD Topical Patch if there’s a specific area that you’re experiencing inflammation. A CBD patch is pretty straightforward to use, making it a convenient healing method that you can take with you whenever you need it! Over a span of 8 hours, the patch slowly releases CBD throughout the body, targeting areas that need it the most.


The best part about CBD topicals is that you don’t need any other reason to enjoy the benefits other than wanting a deep relaxation! While CBD has several healing properties, it also has a calming effect on the mind and body. After a long day on your feet, fill the tub up with warm water and toss in our Calm Bomb with our Relax Bath Salts for a mini-spa session in the comfort of your own home!