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How to Create an At-Home Spa Night

If the world shutting down for the past eight months isn’t the only thing adding stress to your life, it’s time to take a much-needed break. As much as we all wish to head to the spa to get pampered, it’s more of a luxury than a necessity. 

With just a little bit of effort, you can create an entire spa in the comfort of your own home, while saving your money and staying safe. At Canna Bath, we’re all about the at-home self-care nights. That’s why we’ve pulled together a few of our best tips and tricks to create the most calming night routine, helping you unwind and destress whenever you need it.

Set The Mood

First and foremost, never forget to set the mood. Sure, you can skip this step and go straight to the rest of the routine, but it just won’t feel the same. The best part about going to the spa is getting the full experience that stimulates all five of our senses.

Create the ambiance for the night you need by playing your favorite uplifting music, lighting scented candles, and dimming the lights. If you’re really feeling fancy, grab some comfort snacks! We prefer chocolate-covered strawberries for an at-home spa night, but grab anything that puts you in your best mood. 

Run a Steamy Bath

Here’s where you get to actually start enjoying your spa night. Once you set the mood, maybe you even put on a face and hair mask, it’s time to get into the bath. For the ultimate bathing experience, we have a few recommendations. 

You’ll need your bath salts, a bath bomb, and probably a bath pillow to rest your head-on. It might not seem essential at first, but being able to nearly fall asleep while soaking in warm water is exactly the medicine your body needs. 

Try our Breathe CBD-infused Bath Salts, paired with our Calm Bath Bomb, to open up your sinuses and release all of the stress you’ve been holding onto. This bath duo is pretty hard to compete against with an invigorating blend of essential oils and aromatherapy. A CBD-infused bath can relax your muscles, helping you fall into a deep sleep later that night.

Moisturize Your Skin Before Bed

The final step in our at-home spa routine is, of course, slathering your body with a deep penetrating moisturizer, preferably one with CBD. Taking care of your skin is essential to feeling and looking your best, but hydrating your skin with a CBD-infused moisturizer before bed might also help you get better sleep.

For optimal hydration and localized muscle relief, add a few drops of the Coconut CBD Body Oil into the CBD Body Lotion, and apply a generous coat to your entire body. Between oil, lotion, and hemp-derived CBD, you’ve found the perfect end to your at-home spa night, releasing all the built-up tension.