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Why We Need to Reduce Our Cortisol Levels

We all live different lives, but if there’s one thing we do have in common, it’s the feeling of stress. No matter how hard we try to relax and find enough leisure time, stress somehow always sneaks its way back in!

What is Cortisol?

If you didn’t already know, cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone, which, as you can imagine, plays a significant role in our health and wellness. On an average day, you wake up, pour yourself a cup of coffee, make breakfast, and then head to work. Once you’re at work, you’ll probably start feeling the peak of all your daily stressors.

This is because our cortisol levels are higher in the morning and afternoon and will gradually decrease throughout the day! 

Why is High Cortisol a Problem?

We always hear that stress if bad for our bodies, but what does it really mean? Chronic stress puts our health at risk because it makes it easier to fall into a constant feeling of fight-or-flight. When we’re always on alert, we can feel under attack at any given time, leading to paranoia, anxiety, and depression, all of which lead to further health issues.

Stress may seem natural when we’ve been dealing with it our whole lives, but as we age, it becomes increasingly important to keep your cortisol levels low. Our daily stressors can be culprits of major health issues if we never learn how to cope and manage them. 

Ways To Reduce Cortisol

  • Learn How to Unwind: It might sound cliche, but you have to teach your body how to unwind and relax more often. Find a few self-care remedies that work for you, and practice them daily. We recommend taking a nightly bath and pairing the Sleep Bomb with Relax Bath Salts to release all the stress from the day!

  • Get Quality Sleep: High levels of cortisol may lead to insomnia or broken sleep, which, in return, leads to more stress! There’s no magic trick to falling asleep, but there are some things you can do to prepare your body to relax. 
  • Try rubbing the CBD Body Lotion on your skin at the end of your nightly ritual. It’s full of ingredients that aim to release tension, inflammation, and body aches after a long day of work. 

  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Practicing stress-reducing methods are most effective when they’re paired with an overall healthy lifestyle. Nightly self-care sessions followed by a good night’s sleep will absolutely make you feel refreshed and energized in the morning, but it takes more than just that to long-term improvement. Eat nourishing foods, find the exercises that you enjoy, and, most importantly, always keep your body hydrated.